Ranking of cities in the world in terms of traffic congestion

TomTom, the renowned supplier of navigation technology, annually publishes the results of its own research on the level of traffic jams in various cities around the world. The rating includes more than 400 cities from about 60 countries. Every year, the list of countries and cities expands. The indicator, called the TomTom Traffic Index, shows the level of traffic congestion in a city. The table below shows the percentage of traffic congestion (%). For example, a score of 61% means the average travel time in the city is 61% longer than it would be under ideal conditions.

Where is the most congestion in the world? As statistics show, the top ten cities in the world in terms of the frequency of traffic jams did not find a single representative of the countries with a high standard of living. At the same time, the most frequent representatives in this ranking are “average” countries in terms of living standards, where there is a high population density. In the list below you can find Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg, and on quite high positions, which means that the authorities of these cities inefficiently handle the transport infrastructure. According to research TomTom, the most traffic jams in the world are observed in the time period from 18 to 19 hours, and residents of cities in the top ten ranking spend in traffic jams on average 30-40 minutes daily. The current version of the ranking of countries and cities by traffic congestion shows the results of 2021

CityCountryTime lost in traffic during the yearLevel of traffic jams
1IstanbulTurkey142 hours62%
2MoscowRussia140 hours61%
3KievUkraine128 hours56%
4BogotaColombia126 hours55%
5MumbaiIndia121 hour53%
6OdessaUkraine117 hours51%
7St. PetersburgRussia115 hours50%
8BucharestRomania115 hours50%
9NovosibirskRussia110 hours48%
10BangaloreIndia110 hours48%
11New DelhiIndia110 hours48%
12KharkovUkraine105 hours46%
13LodzPoland103 hours45%
14SamaraRussia101 hour44%
15YekaterinburgRussia98 hours43%
16Tel AvivIsrael98 hours43%
17TokyoJapan98 hours43%
18ManilaPhilippines98 hours43%
19LimaPeru96 hours42%
20KrakowPoland96 hours42%
21PuneIndia96 hours42%
22WroclawPoland94 hours41%
23Rostov-on-DonRussia94 hours41%
24RecifeBrazil92 hours40%
25DniproUkraine92 hours40%
26SantiagoChile89 hours39%
27JerusalemIsrael87 hours38%
28Mexico CityMexico87 hours38%
29IzmirTurkey85 hours37%
30WarsawPoland85 hours37%
31AthensGreece85 hours37%
32Nizhny NovgorodRussia85 hours37%
33PoznanPoland85 hours37%
34OsakaJapan82 hours36%
35DublinIreland82 hours36%
36PalermoItaly82 hours36%
37ParisFrance82 hours36%
38SzczecinPoland82 hours36%
39Rio de JaneiroBrazil82 hours36%
40TaipeiTaiwan80 hours35%
41CairoEgypt80 hours35%
42MarseilleFrance80 hours35%
43New YorkUSA80 hours35%
44EdinburghUnited Kingdom80 hours35%
45GdanskPoland78 hours34%
46JakartaIndonesia78 hours34%
47Hong KongHong Kong78 hours34%
48ChelyabinskRussia78 hours34%
49NagoyaJapan78 hours34%
50AnkaraTurkey78 hours34%
51TaichungTaiwan78 hours34%
52BruxellesBelgium78 hours34%
53VancouverCanada75 hours33%
54RomeItaly75 hours33%
55LondonUK75 hours33%
56KazanRussia75 hours33%
57ToulonFrance75 hours33%
58OmskRussia75 hours33%
59Los AngelesUSA75 hours33%
60HullGreat Britain73 hours32%
61MessinaItaly73 hours32%
62TomskRussia73 hours32%
63BordeauxFrance73 hours32%
64Brighton & HovUnited Kingdom73 hours32%
65KaohsiungTaiwan73 hours32%
66OaklandNew Zealand71 hour31%
67Buenos AiresArgentina71 hour31%
68São PauloBrazil71 hour31%
69HamburgGermany71 hour31%
70WiesbadenGermany71 hour31%
71TaoyuanTaiwan71 hours31%
72AntalyaTurkey71 hours31%
73BursaTurkey71 hours31%
74BangkokThailand71 hours31%
75GenevaFrance69 hours30%
76SofiaBulgaria69 hours30%
77ZurichSwitzerland69 hours30%
78AdanaTurkey69 hours30%
79BerlinGermany69 hours30%
80CataniaItaly♪ 69 hours ♪30%
81SapporoJapan♪ 69 hours ♪30%
82TainanTaiwan♪ 69 hours ♪30%
83BudapestHungary69 hours30%
84WellingtonNew Zealand66 hours29%
85NaplesItaly66 hours29%
86LyonFrance♪ 66 hours ♪29%
87CorkIreland♪ 66 hours ♪29%
88SingaporeSingapore♪ 66 hours ♪29%
89FortalezaBrazil♪ 66 hours ♪29%
90El SalvadorBrazil♪ 66 hours ♪29%
91LublinPoland♪ 66 hours ♪29%
92ViennaAustria♪ 66 hours ♪29%
93LuganoSwitzerland♪ 66 hours ♪29%
94KobeJapan66 hours29%
95GenoaItaly64 hours28%
96NiceFrance64 hours28%
97SydneyAustralia64 hours28%
98LuxembourgLuxembourg64 hours28%
99BournemouthUnited Kingdom64 hours28%
100MilanItaly♪ 64 hours ♪28%

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